About the Challenge

Paris Danda park in Kathmandu: Mina holds her daughter Aadishna.The 9 month old was rescued after 2 hours by her father when their house collapsed during the 25th of April Earthquake.“We are not sure if we will live or die. We are scared and we don’t know what will happen next.” Photographer's Credit: Rajan Zaveri/Save the Children

Nepal’s massive earthquake on April 25, 2015 devastated children and families in the impoverished nation. A 7.9 magnitude earthquake--the worst disaster in Nepal in over 80 years--killed more than 8,000 people to date and damaged or destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, schools, health facilities and infrastructure in the mountainous central region surrounding the capital of Kathmandu. It also caused damage and deaths in China and India.

Thank you for making and mailing in flower garlands for the Students Rebuild Flowers for Nepal Challenge. The Bezos Family Foundation matched each garland made with $2—up to $200,000 for Save the Children’s humanitarian relief efforts. Save the Children is using these funds to provide young children with educational supports that include temporary spaces for learning, safe spaces for play, back-to-school kits, repairs to damaged schools--and they will also deliver a selection of your garlands to children.

Why flowers? People in Nepal use flowers during important ceremonies and to greet visitors with warmth and affection.

Thank you for taking the time to share these garlands of hope with Nepal’s children to show how much you care!