Interactive Programs

Learn more and get involved in critical global issues through our free, interactive programs. During Students Rebuild Challenges, we host free, live webcasts to help classrooms around the world connect, learn and get inspired to take action! All you need to participate is an internet connection. When you watch a webcast, you'll see usually two U.S. schools in a live videoconference with a school in another country. You can even participate by sending questions in real time through a chat feature.


We hope you joined us for our second and final Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge live webcast from Peru on September 10, 2015. You can watch the video below and deepen your learning with our free curriculum. You'll see two classrooms in the U.S. connect with their peers and educators in Peru who are beneficiaries of the Literacy Challenge. The Peru webcast brought us full circle--we launched the Literacy Challenge on September 8, 2014, International Literacy Day. It seems fitting that we celebrated and ended this successful Challenge with a final webcast the same week as International Literacy Day 2015. 

We held the first Literacy Challenge webcast from Malawi on May 20, 2015. See the video below of how educators and students in Malawi have used Save the Children's Literacy Boost program for many years. You'll also see two schools from the United States (they both participated in the Literacy Challenge!) connect with their peers in Malawi through a love of reading.

Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge Webcasts

Webcast #1 (Original Broadcast May 20, 2015)


Webcast #2 (Original Broadcast September 10, 2015)


Students Rebuild Water Challenge Webcasts

During the Water Challenge, we held three live webcasts from Tanzania to connect students from the United States with their Tanzanian peers impacted by the water crisis. They discussed how others are responding and got inspired to take action through the Students Rebuild Water Challenge

Webcast #1 (Original broadcast - March 20, 2014)


Webcast #2 (Original broadcast - May 1, 2014)


Webcast #3 (Original broadcast - September 18, 2014)


Students Rebuild One Million Bones Challenge Webcast

See how we covered the National Mall in Washington, D.C. with 1,000,000 million bones crafted by students, educators, artists and activists to mark the culmination of the Students Rebuild One Million Bones Challenge(Original broadcast - June 18, 2013


Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream