Behind the Scenes: TeleGhetto Haiti Introductions

Posted by Grace Lau on
Wed, 11/10/2010

Chris and I first caught wind of TeleGhetto Haiti when we went down for our site assessment in September.  We were told by friends at Internews about a group of young people by the name of TeleGhetto, who produced self-made news pieces.  We watched their videos from their Facebook page and was immediately enamored by their creative spirits!  So we set a date the next day, met them at the local pizza parlor, and learned more about Alex, Romel, and Steevens.   Our meeting left us nothing short of enthusiastic!

On Dec. 16 2009, TeleGhetto Haiti was born when three childhood friends from the Port-au-Prince ghetto had a fervent desire to respond to the international media’s portrayal of Haiti.  They were disheartened by the imbalance of negative images that represented their beloved country and wanted to showcase the “real” Haiti- bad and good.  With limited resources, the three dumpster dived and created name tags, a microphone, and a videocamera (now their signature piece) with the items they found. Their sincere passion to bring about “real” stories is infectious, their sixth sense for the arts will blow you out the water, and their unwavering determination is inspiring.

As young cats from the ghetto themselves, Alex, Romel, and Steevens have unprecedented access to everyday Haitians, offering a unique perspective into daily life in Haiti.  Watch the video above as they introduce themselves to you.  They will be producing two video pieces for Students Rebuild every month!